Qui de nous ne s'est jamais posé ces questions,

"pourquoi suis-je venu au monde, y'a t-il quelque chose après la mort, Dieu existe t-il,

et s'il existe comment être sûr qu'Il me répondra ?"

C'est d'abord le sujet de mes témoignages de ma propre expérience avec ce Dieu

que je croyais si distant et que je pensais désintéressé de ce monde.

Où trouver la vérité ? Que peut-elle m’apporter pour ma vie de tous les jours et comment

puis-je m' approprier LA VERITE d’une façon personnelle ?

La vérité, c’est une Personne qui correspond à la sainte Ecriture elle-même appelée la vérité.

Une véritable relation avec Jésus, tout comme ses disciples ont entretenu une relation intime, nous

devrions vivre de cette relation avec sa Parole (Lui-même étant La Vérité)  

* Rencontre avec Dieu

* Coeur transpercé

* Le Gâteau

* Savoir s'incliner

* Le château

* Paralytique miraculé

* Nouvelle Auto

* Auto  en lévitation

* La voie de la voix

* l'Humour de Dieu

* Il était MIDI

* Guérisons en série

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During one of my testimonies, where I was 26 years old, I was offended that the ADDs had refused my candidacy as a preacher and pastor on the pretext that I had divorced. But a few years later I repeated my request but to the Lord this time ! thinking first that other denominations did not limit applications to the same constraints and more specifically, to create a room by legally registering for a denomination.

Having carefully prepared my project by accumulating "spiritual" knowledge, sermons, comments, testimonies, assistance, a future collaborator, I am now embarked on a fabulous project AND in which I would cost nothing since I would participate as a volunteer.

As time goes by I pray and reflect: "I would like to work for the Lord; I would like to do something for Jesus; What would God like me to do; Where is my place; How can I find my ministry; How can I serve Him; How can I be used; What can I do; What is my call; What is my vocation? :-) add your questions :-)))))

In 1998 I found myself in a new room opened by "two pastors" with whom I befriended and I decided to remain "simple Christian" while the Lord called me to the desk!

There I become in a way the "prophet of the assembly, a pillar of the church" the spiritual assistant of many brothers and sisters, I pass from time to time behind the desk where I am allowed to speak, I take pleasure in it and enjoy my own messages! Then comes the time when I have to prepare another message, I quickly touch the nervous breakdown it's addictive... it's scary... it's a very heavy burden...

I notice the ease of the two pastors who open their bible at each sermon, there is a written sheet in this bible, it is the warmed dish that will be served to us, then they will ask us to sing a hymn that has also been carefully prepared in advance, then they will ask to thank God and bless us for the offerings that we will collect, then they will ask those who have problems to come forward and we will pray for them, and there the incantations fuse "satan fate of this man !! free your child Lord" and the orders to the Holy Spirit burst forth..., and the "name of Jesus" is lowered as if on a chorus ! finally they will close the session with a last hymn for the road !!! All timed with an astonishing accuracy...

In the meantime I am learning a lot about the "heresies" of the church, the one that is only an emanation of the Catholic pyramid system, I feel worse and worse, I get dizzy during prolonged prayer meetings where people pray for everything and anything, or they go to look for tons of subjects all over the world, everything is subject to prayer, even the victim of the 1pm news!!!

I have never felt so much hypocrisy as in these moments, to add to the height of it, we redefine the roles of deacons and deaconesses, "responsible for housework, reception, music, donations, accounts, and so on.... I felt that the pastor and his "anointed" were at the height of their glory! we were their subject of glory...

Only then, the Holy Spirit set to work, for He was standing at the door of this assembly There was no longer his place, and what role would have been left to him if not to obey the commandments during our prayers, everything was settled in advance, no place for chance or improvisation, nor for debates especially, because if we had the misfortune to interrupt or retake the pastor it was the reprimand or the immediate punishment! because we had to be subjected to our leaders!

 Anyway, I found myself outside" or according to, as one places oneself:-) on the contrary "in the church" true.....

And there in the desert (since 2005) the Lord provided my spiritual food with "manna" that came from his Word, every day, just the necessary, no more, and experience through practice in addition to "biblical theory" and I for years waited for God to call me again!

Then one day, the Lord explained to me that I was on the wrong path to imagine that to serve him you had to swallow the whole Bible, pray without ceasing, fast (which I did every week) and prepare sermons!

Everything has been swept away in my way of thinking, everything has been destroyed, and the Lord has explained to me that true ministry can only be accomplished if He can act through us, letting us be led continuously by His power, and for it to act effectively we must let go of the reindeer (become weak) disappear with our pretensions and our own strength.

At this stage I have learned that if God does not allow a trial to be beyond our strength, on the other hand He gradually uses trials of all kinds to form us